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Interview with Ram Gopal Verma : Ram Gopal Varma is not having an easy time in Bollywood.

"Ram Gopal Varma is not having an easy time in Bollywood. "

Ram Gopal Varma is not having an easy time in Bollywood. Most of his recent films have bitten dust. His latest Nishabd has not drawn rave reviews either. TWF correspondent Vickey Lalwani probes

Ram Gopal VermaWouldn't it have been better if Jiah had been shown as an innocent girl in Nishabd? Her sensuality is very in-the-face kind of thing, plus her legs on display all the time... And what about those low camera angles?
Jiah could not be shown as an innocent girl. Everything about her- the way she speaks, dresses and even sits- is alien to Vijay and his family members. That is exactly what strikes Vijay and why he gets drawn towards her. My story would have fallen flat if Jiah was shy and demure.

Do you think that you didn't push the envelope? Was it because Bachchan was there in the film?
There cannot be sex in a film which has Mr Bachchan.

Many critics haven't liked the film...
I don't know what critics are all about. If they know so much, they should be making films themselves.

Don't you crave for compliments?
I have been in the film industry for too long.These things don't influence me.

Do you watch your films with the audiences?
Never. Once the final mixing is done, I lose my interest in that project..

The opening of Nishabd is low considering that it's a Bachchan flick?
I don't have any experise on gauging and planning an opening to my films based on the star cast.. My job is to make a film which I am excited about.

You repeat some of your actors. Planning to make another film with Jiah?
No. Nothing as of now.

Actors then leave you and talk against you. Take Manoj Bajpai for example...
Firstly, I don't get into how much my actors are paid. I have a separate department in my office which looks into that. But as for Manoj- even if he was paid Rs 10, it was too much. And I don't understand why he said that he considered me to be his brother. Everybody knows that I am an anti-social and not much of a family man. Also, I have screamed from rooftops that I don't take any actor for an emotional reason. Why do people get emotional about me? Frankly, Manoj Bajpais donít matter to me in my life. I don't think he is worth my time talking.

And Mohit Ahlawat? What happened between you and him?
Let's not get into what happened between Mohit and me. I wasted enough time and money on Mohit. Mohit and I have mutually decided not to work with each other again. And good for him. I read that he is getting 15 offers every day! (shrugs).

Many of your recent films haven't run. Why?
When I decided to get into production, my concentration got diluted. I could not give hundred per cent to my films.

So what is the remedy?
Right now, I have decided that I will produce only those films which I will direct.

You doing ten films wih Adlabs?
There is no such thing as ten films. We will continue working together as long as it is mutually beneficial to both of us.

- By Glamsham Editorial

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