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Daya Nayak helped me play the heroic guy: Randeep

By Subhash K. Jha, IANS
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 View Risk Movie StillsFor his role of the cleansing cop in 'Risk', Randeep Hooda went on a vigorous physical preparation and also modelled it on encounter specialist Daya Nayak.

'I've always admired Nayak. In the movie I am the hero but in real life he is the hero. I got access to him through mutual friends. I always felt he had the personality that was required for the character. I love the way he handles his job and how articulate he is in the media and in personal interaction.

'Nayak and I became friends. He shared his experiences and also demonstrated certain behaviour traits, which I incorporated into my cop's character. Through my interactions with Nayak I discovered a new found respect for him,' Randeep told IANS.

However, Randeep didn't adopt Nayak's body language or his other overt traits.

'Not that I lost weight or decided to look lean and mean. Why should a cop look a particular way? But as a cop I definitely needed to feel strong from inside, a man who's capable of shouldering a huge social responsibility. And it's always advisable for an actor to have the broadest shoulder possible in order to carry the film.

'This cop isn't like other famous cops who fight an indignant battle against the system. This cop is less clichéd. He knows there's no point in trying to change the system. But let me add, I'm a great fan of the great cops on screen, like Amitabh Bachchan in 'Zanjeer', Om Puri in 'Ardh Satya' and Manoj Bajpai in 'Shool'.'

Did Randeep do a cop in 'Risk' because he couldn't do Ram Gopal Varma's 'Shiva'?

'Absolutely not! My 'Risk' director Vishram Sawant and I planned it long before I did 'D' with Varma. 'Risk' has got nothing to do with anything else. As far as the genre goes 'Risk' will be compared with other cop films.

'Look, there're actually four kinds of stories in films - a love story between two people, a love story among three people, a revenge story, and a journey. How you put your soul into these genres makes all the difference.'

View Risk Movie StillsRandeep is definitely excited about shouldering the entire responsibility as a cop on the prowl in 'Risk'.

'It's not a rule to play the central character. In my very first film 'Monsoon Wedding' I was part of a large ensemble cast.'

He clarifies that this isn't a story of Nayak's life.

'Our movie isn't based on his life, like Shimit Amin's 'Ab Tak Chhappan'. 'Risk' is a fast-paced commercial film with all the ingredients.'

What Randeep really relished in 'Risk' was working with Vinod Khanna.

'I've been a fan of his ever since I was a child. Although he plays the antagonist in 'Risk', there's a calm energy about him. Many of my folks back home in Rohtak find him really hot.'

Commenting upon his journey, Randeep said: 'An actor is raw material mouldable in other's hand. After the break from Varma I've continued to grow as an actor. I didn't deliberately break away. It was destiny. 'Risk' is a new start, in a way. And I carry the film, so it's a challenging responsibility.'

The actor is curious about the reaction to his second English-language film 'Karma Confessions & Holy'.

'I'm a bit curious because it is my first international film since 'Monsoon Wedding'. And since I'm not in the habit of running to the monitor after every shot, I wonder what they've actually made.

''Monsoon Wedding' was my first film, and I was dreading to see the end result. I was surrounded by a stellar cast but it didn't help my confidence level. Now I've slightly accepted myself on screen. Though the search for a core in my characters continues.

'At the end of the day an actor is only a cog in the wheel. But experience helps. I've done six films in six years. That's meagre output. But I've learnt a lot. I'm losing my ignorance, becoming more humble.'

View Risk Movie StillsOn a more personal note Randeep is blissfully single.

'We're always single, aren't we? I'm very happy being on my own. I'm a young normal single man of 30. And I don't have to worry where my next meal comes from. So, I've a lot of time to socialise in a buzzing city like Mumbai.

So what's wrong with being seen with beautiful women?'

On his 'Risk' co-star Tanushree Dutta, Randeep said: 'She's a very hardworking young woman, bound to go far. Not just Tanushree, everyone else in the unit was so committed to the project. That's the only way to make a good film.'


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