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Daya Nayak trained Randeep for cop's role in 'Risk'

By Subhash K. Jha, IANS
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Download Risk WallpapersDaya Nayak, the controversial cop dubbed encounter specialist by the media, spent a lot of time preparing Randeep Hooda for his role in the recently released "Risk".

"Randeep and his director Vishram Sawant came to me after they had finished their first film 'D'. They wanted to make a cop film called 'Risk'. My first request to them was not to make the cop look like a fool. I won't name him, but one major leading man wore the cop's cap front-to-back and was seen dancing in the garden with a girl.

"One of the more authentic films on a cop was Ramu's 'Shool'. But that showed the cop losing everything to remain true to his duty. Whether it was Ram Varma in 'Ab Tak Chhappan' or Vishram Sawant in 'Risk', they had to put in commercial elements. I instructed him on the length of the hair, the clothes, walk, etc," Nayak told IANS.

When approached by Randeep, Nayak made it clear he won't give confidential information about the working of the police force.

There have been other occasions when Nayak has been approached to provide tips for cop's films.

"When Varma was making 'Ab Tak Chhappan', which was based on my life, I requested him to make a decent film. They wanted to know physical details like how I hold the gun, etc. They've also made films like 'Kagaar' and a Kannada film called 'Encounter'. There're 75,000 articles on me on Google."

Nayak's life is a source of constant curiosity for filmmakers.

"My life resembles a movie. I come from a very poor family. I ran away from my village to Mumbai. I worked for several years in a hotel and attended a night school. I know my biography will be a sell-out."

Nayak is proud of his association with the film industry.

View Risk Movie Stills"I helped sort out extortion and underworld problems. When I began to fraternise with film folks, I had to maintain a certain lifestyle. I think some of my colleagues got jealous. I was accused of being too speedy in my working style. In my opinion, speed is important for optimum efficiency. Fortunately, all my friends from Bollywood still continue to be in touch with me."

Nayak hates being called an 'encounter specialist'.

"I hate it. I'm a Brahmin and to kill anyone deliberately is unthinkable. I don't eat meat. I don't drink. Not even tea or coffee. No police officer is interested in killing anyone deliberately. I've worked sincerely and I'll do so again as soon as my suspension is revoked.

"For now, I spend a lot of time with my family. Since all the security has been taken away, there's a security threat to my family. I keep getting threatening calls. But I don't let these setbacks bother me."

Nayak went to watch his alter ego in "Risk".

"With a live audience. I wanted to hear the roar of the audience. I hate it when an underworld don is shown living a glamorous and affluent life. No gangster can afford to come down from a helicopter. Varma has done a lot to improve the police's image."


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