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Priyanka Chopra: KAMINEY has far lesser violence than other films

August 13, 2009 5:58:10 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view KAMINEY videos

view KAMINEY videos

Priyanka Chopra is extremely disappointed ever since Censors handed over an 'A' certificate to her upcoming release KAMINEY. She is flabbergasted that the film has been meted such treatment; especially so since in her view there have been quite a few films in the past that have featured far more violent scenes but have still escaped the 'A' certificate.

Is she hinting at GHAJINI here?

''No, I am not picking up any particular film here'', she says cautiously, ''In any case I haven't seen GHAJINI so I can't comment on the violence or lack of it in the film. However, even without me stating an example, all of us know as audiences that in the past violent films have been allowed screening with 'U' or 'U/A' certificate.''

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Though she is willing to abide by the judgement of the Censors, she feels that it is quite unfortunate that not all youngsters would be able to watch the film on the big screen.

''See, what's done is done. The film has got an 'A' certificate and one has to respect the Censor board decision here'', she says in a diplomatic tone, ''Still, what I can say for sure is that once you watch the film, you would realize that it didn't have anything that was not suitable for people below a certain age group.''

She also clears misconception around usage of bad language in the film.

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''Censor board had a problem with the violence in the film but then there is absolutely nothing gory about KAMINEY. There is no blood gushing around or people being shown with their brains knocked off'', she details, ''I guess the only so-called bad thing about the film is the word KAMINEY. In fact that too has been used primarily as a film's title and beyond that we don't have expletives floating around in the film's narrative.''

With the film being handed over an 'A' certificate, it is bound to impact the collections of the film. Isn't that a worrying thought?

''Not all youngsters being allowed to step into the theaters does impact the film to some degree for sure. However, just last year we had a similar case with my FASHION as well. It got an 'A' certificate due to some scenes that showed drug usage. We couldn't have done away with these scenes since they were integral to the narrative. We went ahead with the Censor board decision but we all know that the film still did so well. I am expecting something similar with KAMINEY as well. I have shown the film to my entire family and they have absolutely loved it. Ultimately a good story is bound to work with the audiences'', she ends on a positive note.


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