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Shamir Tandon makes the VIVA girls go c'est la viva

August 14, 2009 4:06:15 PM IST
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view AAMRAAS PRESS MEET picture gallery

Music director Shamir Tandon didn't quite know what he was doing when he brought together singers who were part of the once-upon-a-time Viva band - Pratichee, Mahua and Anushka - to croon for a film titled AAM RAS produced by Bheja Fry producer Sunil Doshi. But one thing was sure that if anybody could do it, it was Shamir tendon. Viva, the band of five girls was formed in 2002, but the group broke up soon after due to some internal differences. Once Shamir set his sights on getting their voices for his composition in AAM RAS, all differences amongst the members were soon forgotten.

Directed by Rupali Guha who is the daughter of Basu Bhatacharya, AAM RAS is a film based on Teen girls coming of age. Shamir commented on the music saying, ''I am very happy with the way the music of AAM RAS is coming together. The girls from VIVA are truly talented and I wanted to show their untapped talent to the world. I know for sure that it was a risk worth taking''. The song titled ‘Short Top & Low Jeans- We Are the Teen Queens' has been composed by Shamir and is a very peppy and fun composition. Apart from the three girls from VIVA another girl singing on the track in Neha Kakkar.

Shamir further adds, ''Viva was a logical choice when it's a 4 girl film - it's logical to use a girl band to sing for it. The girls shared a great chemistry and had contrasting voices so I had just got them together they were pleasantly surprised that I thought of reuniting them just the 4th girl Neha was kept out since the band is not comfortable with her so we did with 3 girls Anushka, Mahua and Pratichee. I have always liked to experiment with voices and bringing back old glory like Lataji, Ashji and bringing back Manna Da and Bhupi into the film circuit so it was fun bringing the girls back together and better still I got them to sign together on one mic. We did not dub them separately and got them to sing together on one mic so that the enthusiasm is maintained. In fact the girls also featured in a specially shot video too in AAM RAS.''

''Some members of the team wanted to go their separate ways and do their own thing,'' says Pratichee, ''From a band of five we became four and then gradually three. It just didn't make sense to continue. So we dispersed, and now after five years, three of us are back singing together and that's all thanks to Shamir.'' Though this is a one-off thing for Pratichee, the other girls Anushka & Mahua have been in touch and sometimes sang and performed together. Though this is the first time they will be doing playback singing together in five years.

Anusha & Mahua have earlier sung solo playback for a few films and there voice is already quite popular. Mahua who has done playback for DEV D, MUSAFIR and RANG DE has also done some work for south films and says, ''As a band we had to forego several solo projects, and everyone was there to make a name for them-selves. They didn't think much about the group. So when two girls - Seema and Neha quit, we, too, went our own way. We were the first girl band, the first products of a reality show, and I feel really proud of it all.''

Anushka had a blast singing with Pratichee and Mahua. ''It was just like the old days. We had fun. The song too was a fun song. We let our hair down, were in sync and had a grand time. Let's hope the rest of the world likes what we've done and brings us together again.''

This happy reunion is just one of the many miracles Shamir Tandon has pulled off. Apart from giving music to Madhur Bhandarkar's award winning film's TRAFFIC SIGNAL, CORPORATE and PAGE 3, he has also done foreign collaborations with boy band Blue and Shaan, Robbie Williams and Asha Bhosle for an international advertisement and with Bob Sinclair for World Hold On. Some of his future products include the much awaited ACID FACTORY, PNC Sangeet Sivam's CLICK, Manmohan Shety & Sunil Doshi's AAM RAS, Disney and Satish Kaushik's HAWAI DADA, K Sera Sera's TARA SITARA and Madhur Bhandarkar's JAIL.


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