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Piyush Jha: SIKANDAR couldn't have been given a comic treatment

August 22, 2009 6:15:02 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view SIKANDAR PREMIERE picture gallery

Piyush Jha is happy and relieved. Finally his most ambitious film till date, SIKANDAR, has hit the screens. Though the film was earlier slated to arrive in late March this year, it was kept on hold due to producers strike. Now that the film is making it to theaters, Piyush is nervously waiting for reactions from audiences.

Whenever one makes a film on the valley of Kashmir, the term 'terrorism' comes into play. Same is the case here as well. ''No, it's not really like how you would imagine terrorism aspect in Kashmir,'' says at once Piyush and further adds, ''SIKANDAR doesn't come strong on your face. It is rather seen from the point of view of my young protagonists and what they perceive of the events around them. Yes, the film does touch upon the politics of Kashmir but it is mainly the backdrop rather than being a complete juggernaut. By no means is militancy on forefront.''

So it means at the heart of it, it remains as a thriller. ''True, and that's the way we have promoted it throughout as well - a film which is a suspense thriller. I promise viewers that SIKANDAR is an edge of the seat drama with a running duration of just about 100 minutes. This is a universally accepted duration of a film and the result is a tout thriller with slick and fast paced treatment,'' Piyush excitedly elaborates.


Piyush started off with light hearted comedies like CHALO AMERICA and KING OF BOLLYWOOD. One wonders what really made him switch genres and get into a thrilling mode. ''My film is about a school boy who finds a gun and his life changes thereafter. Now for a plot like, I couldn't have given it a comic treatment, right? (Laughs). So I chose the genre as it suited the subject, I wrote it that way, directed it as per the same vision and then got the final cut in synch with the plot as well. Yes, I am someone who likes comedy as well as suspense genre. This is why for my first two films; I chose satire as the way of presenting a story since that was best suited for my thoughts to be communicated to the audiences,'' explains Piyush as to what induced him to make SIKANDAR.

With a film set in Kashmir, terrorism as the backdrop and young ones as the lead protagonists, one wants to know what would be the enticing factor for the audiences?

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Piyush replies, ''I think any film that has a strong storyline and can hold the audiences interest would work, regardless of its setting and the cast. Look at SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. Who would have thought that a film with slums as a backdrop and real slum kids as the protagonists would find audiences for itself? Need I still say anything more about the way film performed internationally?''

So, what's the kind of target audience that is he looking for SIKANDAR?

''I am primarily looking at young people belonging to the age group of 16-30 years as my target audience. Hold on, that's not all! I am also looking at parents belonging to 25-50 years age bracket (laughs). I am saying this specifically because these people will identify with what's going on in the film. While young people will identify with the growing up part, for parents it would be a quick reminder on their need for understanding their children and also re-looking at the entire parenting aspect. For me, both these audiences are very important,'' concludes Piyush.