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8 unit back from a 'haunted' schedule

December 10, 2009 12:36:22 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view 8 movie poster

view 8 movie poster

The entire unit of horror thriller 8 is back to Mumbai after a marathon shooting schedule in the interiors of Rajasthan. Directed by Wilson Louis, this PPC Horrotainment flick in collaboration with Glorious Entertainment stars Sameer Dattani in the lead for whom this would be his first horror flick.

'The place where we went has its own history of being haunted. This was a fort situated at a two hours drive from Jodhpur. We were all literally locked in the fort for days at stretch because there were no means of communication', informs Wilson who takes pride in his standing as a horror specialist, after his debut effort HO SAKTA HAI saw some international recognition coming it's way.

The entire star cast of the film, including newcomer Sheena Nayar who makes her debut with 8, was pretty much in a BIG BOSS kind of situation with no access to cable, TV or newspaper.

'In a way it helped us all since we could bond well with each other', Wilson looks at a positive aspect of affairs here, 'All of this also enabled us to move fast on the filming. We are almost 90% through with the shoot and it's just the patchwork which is left.'

So the million dollar question is, did the crew encounter any 'horror' moment at the fort?

'I didn't but then perhaps I have got used to all the ghosts, spirits and other deadly creatures', laughs Wilson, 'Can't say the same for other people though who were spooked at least at a couple of instances.'