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TEREE SANG debutant Sheena: I never get depressed

July 10, 2009 6:20:07 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view TEREE SANG movie stills

view TEREE SANG movie stills

Principal shooting of Satish Kaushik's upcoming release TEREE SANG was held a while back. However, ever since then, there has been some patch work on the film along with certain shoots for the song portions. Now that the film has been confirmed for a 7th August release, it's debutant leading lady (or shall we say girl?) Sheena Shahabadi looks back at the entire waiting period.

"Honestly, I was a little hassled after finishing principal shoot of TEREE SANG. All through the making of the film I was so excited that I just wanted it to hit the screens soon. However, I have come to know over a period of time that film making is not a quick journey and sometimes you have to wait for a polished product to be made and released at the time when the market is just perfect for it", says Sheena who is barely out of her teens.

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Did the wait get on her? Or was she able to live with it over a period of time?

"See, it was natural for me to get a little impatient earlier on. I wanted the promos to be out soon and gain feedback from people. But then fortunately I started shooting for a Telugu film and had my mind diverted. Once you are working then it is a far better situation because you know that your career is moving in the right direction", smiles Sheena, daughter of NADIYAA KE PAAR leading lady Sadhna Singh.

Perking up a little, she goes on to add, "In any case I am not someone who ever gets depressed. I enjoy every day of my life. Moreover, I am very open about my emotions. I guess situation is far different for those who keep sulking within themselves. I sincerely believe that such attitude only harms you internally and doesn't take you anywhere. If I feel something, I say it. I don't keep things in my heart."



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