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Adhyayan's career going the Shah Rukh way?

July 11, 2009 4:42:49 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Shah Rukh started his career with two modest films DEEWANA and RAJU BAN GAYA GENTLEMAN. He played a lovable boy in both the films but went on to be a 'baap of all villains' when he appeared in BAAZIGAR and DARR. Just when one expected that he would continue to be the villain of piece in films going further, what with his ANJAAM too showing the mean side of him, he surprised one and all with DILWALE DULHANIYA LE JAYENGE that went on to be a cult classic.

Now picture Adhyayan Suman who started off with a small time HAAL E DIL, made a good impression as a villain in RAAZ - THE MYSTERY CONTINUES and is now ready with his first solo starrer JASHNN where he plays a budding rock star.

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''First and foremost let me correct you when you call me the villain in RAAZ - THE MYSYTERY CONTINUES'', revolts Adhyayan, ''I was the hero in the film and was paired opposite the leading lady Kangna. I was never portrayed as a villain either in the promos or for 90% of the film's narrative. Yes, in the end circumstances forced my character to do something wrong that resulted in his killing.''

About the Shah Rukh Khan comparison, he says, ''Strictly from comparison perspective you may say that my career is going the Shah Rukh Khan way. He too had a couple of anti-hero films and then featured in a love story. Same is the case with me as well.''

So was it a conscious decision to pick and choose his movies like this?

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''You always look for variety in what you do so yes, from that point of view I was indeed aiming for roles that excited the actor in me. However, I can't claim that I planned my choice of films as HAAL E DIL, RAAZ - THE MYSTERY CONTINUES and then JASHNN. You can't make it all happen like that, right? There are so many factors that come into picture and ultimately it's your fate that decides what you end up doing.''

He is mighty confident about his film JASHNN though.

''It is an emotional drama cum love story, something that has helped me to showcase different facets of my own personality. In Akash, the character that I play, I see myself. Just like him, I too am nobody today and am trying to be somebody with hard work and determination. Will I ultimately reach there? Yes, I one day I definitely will'', he signs off on a positive note.


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