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Raksha Mistry: JASHNN is already a win for us

July 17, 2009 4:12:14 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view JASHNN-THE MUSIC WITHIN movie stills

view JASHNN-THE MUSIC WITHIN movie stills

For director duo Raksha Mistry and Hasnain Hyderabadwaala, JASHNN wasn't an easy assignment. After all box office wasn't too kind to them in spite of two reasonably entertaining films [THE KILLER, THE TRAIN] while they were charged with lifting scripts from Hollywood sources. However, they promised to make something out and out original once they were set out to make their third film. The result was JASHNN where they had Bhatt brothers backing their dream.

However, life hasn't been all bed of roses for them as even till the eve of the film's release, they have been bombarded with queries around Mahesh Bhatt being the driving force for the film. But director Raksha Mistry sets the record straight and hopes that eventually it will be the film that would do all the talking and ultimately film lovers would realize that JASHNN has a lot more to it than the mystery surrounding the direction credits.


Once creative inputs started coming from the Bhatts, did Raksha or Hasnain at any point of time felt that they were loosing control of the project? But Raksha cleared our doubts, ''No, we never felt that we were loosing control on the sets. Everyone knew that Raksha & Hasnain were the only directors on the sets and that's a fact. It is our third film and second with Bhatts so even the actors understand that we were not pushovers.''

Being the producers, Bhatts would have come up with suggestions though, Agrees & elaborates Raksha, ''Yes, there were suggestions from Bhatts. However, when it came to casting, there were mainly creative decisions. The ultimate decision was ours. For example, roping in Adhyayan was entirely our suggestion. It so happened that Hasnain had gone to the sets of RAAZ - THE MYSTERY CONTINUES and he saw Adhyayan giving a shot. He was impressed and asked me what I thought about him. For me, the best selling point was that his age suited the character completely. Once we shared this with Mukesh-ji, he gave us a positive reaction. He told is that if we could make him work well then they had no problem with him being the lead!''

Since Adhyayan as a filmy background, so was he an obedient student, a youngster who had loads of suggestions to give or someone who came with a lot of attitude?

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''I would say all three (laughs). He has an inherent mischievous trait to him and overall a very alive boy. He is always very excited about life. He is such a charmer and can make you laugh in 5 minutes flat. In fact let me admit that amongst all the actors, he understood the character best. When he started shooting for JASHNN, RAAZ - THE MYSTERY CONTINUES hadn't even released. Failure of HAAL E DIL had hit him hard and he had to show to the world that he had it in him. He put his own self into the character of Aakash that he plays. Somehow there is certain sadness to his own life and he brought all of it into Aakash.'' Raksha talks about the actor.

That means one can call JASHNN a make or break film with so many careers hinging on it. Raksha comes clean on it, ''Honestly speaking, I have given up on the idea of whether JASHNN is a make or break film for me. I want people to like the film and make me feel proud of it; that's about it. The film is a win for us already since it revealed to us that who we really are in our own personal life. Now I wish to be appreciated and respected. I have realised that I know my job and that's good enough.''


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