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The true jungle stories of AGYAAT!

June 29, 2009 5:13:27 PM IST
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view AGYAAT videos

It's not just the script and direction of the film that was sending chill down the spines of all the actors and unit members of Ram Gopal Varma's film AGYAAT. They had to make-do with getting spooked in real life too!

Well, the film which has been shot in the Sigiriya jungles of Sri Lanka, the unit members were put up at a hotel near the jungle itself. And the nubile nymphet Priyanka Kothari had encounters with too many animals and creepies. Her room was nothing short of being a mini zoo in itself. As she says, "At any time you could expect a monkey staring at you from the balcony and ready to snatch your breakfast. Or then there was a snake passing by on the balcony rod. One morning when I woke up, I saw six lizards crawling on the ceiling!"

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Priyanka panicked and ran to the reception to ask for a better room. Imagine her shock when the receptionist told her that she was given the best room in the hotel!

So you can imagine what the others had to go through. And Priyanka was also left with these creepy crawlies giving her company. And that's not where it ended. The whole unit had to sometimes change their route in the jungle to avoid wild elephants and leeches. Even the guide that accompanied them couldn't always help, as the elephants would just stop at some point and wouldn't move at all. So, everyone had to take a detour to reach the shooting spot.

Well, at least now Priyanka would probably not be scared of lizards and other reptiles, hopefully. And don't be surprised, if she can tell you what are the biological names of animals and plants!


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