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Aarti Chabaria: In Bollywood, if you have Salman as your boyfriend...

May 20, 2009 1:01:53 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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download AARTI CHHABARIA wallpapers

Aarti Chhabria may not be carrying any regrets for not having a top star as her boyfriend or a hotshot film maker as her Godfather. However deep inside, she is well aware about advantages of having one.

Though she doesn't make any direct references, she doesn't mince any words while drawing some parallels, ''Bollywood is an industry where you have to deal with all kind of people. But if a big star, like Salman Khan, is your boyfriend and he backs you, people will certainly fear before commenting anything nasty to you. But then that's the choice I have taken i.e. not being dependent on someone else for surviving in the industry and I am happy to be the way I am.''

Aarti had her last Bollywood success in SHOOT OUT AT LOKHANDWALA [2007] and except for a brief appearance in DHOOM DADAKKA [2008] and KISSE PYAAR KAROON [2009], both of which sunk without a trace, she hasn't been much active in the Hindi movies circuit.

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''That's because I am having a nice stint out there in South'', pat comes the reply, ''My last film SANTA, which was made in Kannada, was a big HIT down South and I am currently shooting for another Kannada film called RAJANI.''

So what is happening for her on the Bollywood front?

''I am doing quite great for myself so thank you so much'', she finally laughs, ''I have completed DADDY COOL which is an ensemble cast flick. Then there is also TOSS which is ready. I know that it has been a tough ride and my journey has taken a good amount of time. But the good news is that people are slowly but surely realizing where I fit in into the scheme of things of their projects.''


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