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Mugdha: I have to work today since I can't alter history

May 26, 2009 12:19:14 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Even though she was in immense pain during the shoot of ALL THE BEST, she didn't quite let that be known to her director Rohit Shetty and her co-stars. Reason? She didn't want them to be overtly bothered and instead wanted everyone to concentrate mainly on the shooting of the film.

Says a close associate of Mugdha, ''She is working with a thorough bunch of professionals and for her what is of utmost importance is to respect the shooting schedule of a film. She never intends to throw starry tantrums and instead focuses on her work. Even though Mugdha's first film FASHION brought her ton loads of appreciation and some very good visibility, she hasn't allowed that to go over her head.''

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This is the reason why Mugdha consented to indulge in some aggressive dance steps even though doctors had advised her to refrain from doing that after the neck injury that she suffered in her road accident a few weeks back. Even though she was suggested to take it easy during her dance steps, she didn't want that to be a spanner in everyone's plans.

''I would have stood like a sore thumb had I not been up to speed with everyone else'', says Mugdha after returning to Mumbai from the song and dance shoot that was held recently in Goa, ''I am a part of something that would be history tomorrow. I could have merely bothered about my today and shied away from the dance number. But years later I would have been further pained had I continued to shoot in such low energy.''

She resolved there and then that she would match up the steps of everyone else.
''I can't alter history, can I? But I can shape my present the way I want. I any case I am much better now and all I had to do was take some precautions, which I did. I am glad with the way the song has turned out to be'', smiles Mugdha before signing off.


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