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Chunky Pandey: Priyadarshan is a creative director!

November 23, 2009 2:23:36 PM IST
Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view CHUNKY PANDEY picture gallery

The coming Friday will see Priyadarshan's DE DANA DAN hitting the screens globally and is expected to embark on a good if not great response. While everybody is talking about the Akshay, Paresh and Sunil triumvirate but a star, who also is also expected to impress one and all with his great comic timing is Chunky Pandey. Fortunately, we caught up with the actor (during a private function), who was in a hurry and on way to... just wait we will tell you in the end!


Coming back to DE DANA DAN, we asked Chunky about his role in the film and he told us, 'I play Paresh Rawal's son, Noni Chadda, and my character is quite important to the narrative.'

So what exactly was the experience of working with Priyan and how does he rate him as a director (as compared to some of the recently touted star comedy directors). Chunky says 'I'll only say one thing Priyadarshan is a creative director (unlike others).'

That says a lot about Priyan's class, and from the actor who has worked with some of the best directors of recent times, right from David Dhawan to Farhan Akhtar!

And before we leave, we will reveal what we promised to in the first para, Chunky was on way to join BIGG BOSS 3 and will be seen from this week's episodes!