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Vipul Shah: Salman and Ajay are very contrasting

October 26, 2009 12:24:32 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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download LONDON DREAMS wallpapers

There are four more days to go for the release of LONDON DREAMS and curiosity has already started building around who would come up trumps once the film is seen on the big screen. Will it be Salman Khan who has seen an oscillating box office fate with WANTED coming up trumps and MAIN AURR MRS KHANNA going completely unnoticed? Or would be it be Ajay Devgn who would be making a complete shift from his immense comic timing in ALL THE BEST by getting into a home ground of sorts with an intense role in LONDON DREAMS?

"That's the most fantastic part of having actors like Salman and Ajay in your film", smiles Vipul who has achieved a casting coup by reuniting the HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM stars, "There is huge contrast between the two actors. Salman is flamboyant and is known for his 'ada', style and charm. I wanted a typical Salman Khan for my film and I got it."

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Talking about Ajay, Vipul explains, "Ajay is known for intensity and the role that he enacts in LONDON DREAMS wanted that level of intensity which is expected from him. This is why I have always claimed that in Salman and Ajay, I found my best casting for the film. While Salman plays the character of a man who is quite joyful and is always in a playful mood, the character played by Ajay is single minded, focused and quite sharp guy. It is this contrast which is the strength of my film."

Detailing further on the chemistry shared by his two male leads in the film, Vipul says, "In HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM, both Salman and Ajay were never seen together. On the other hand they share screen space for so many scenes in LONDON DREAMS. When actors of such caliber come together, there is bound to be fireworks and this is pretty much on display in LONDON DREAMS. They are absolutely outstanding together and you would see a crackling chemistry between the two. I love the way they are in the film. Now I hope audiences too see it the same way."