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Salman and Ajay are beyond hits and flops

October 31, 2009 1:09:05 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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download LONDON DREAMS wallpapers

LONDON DREAMS has released and garnered appreciation for both Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn. Both the actors have also been pretty active on the silver screen for last few weeks. While Salman's WANTED is a super hit all over, Ajay Devgn can be seen smiling away both on and off the screen with good response to his ALL THE BEST.

'In any case, both these actors are beyond hits and flops today', says Vipul 'They have been there for 20 years now and seen the industry and its trends quite closely. Moreover, they enjoy worldwide popularity and are known all over. They have a huge reach and impact which should fetch in audiences. Their shoulders are strong enough to get into the deep pockets of audiences. After they get an opening, it should be the film which should do the talking. If it is good, it would work. Period.'

With an intense drama like LONDON DREAMS in front of audiences, Vipul knew that he had a task in hand.

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'While making the film, I had to work towards creating a comfort zone for my actors. Audiences should walk out of theaters saying that other than just Akshay, Vipul can extract good work from Ajay and Salman as well. That would be my win from the film', says Vipul.

Meanwhile, he is also all praise for the only leading lady in the film, Asin, who is being seen a year after her debut Bollywood flick GHAJINI.

'It is challenging for any actress to stand in front of terrific actors and stars like Salman and Ajay', says Vipul, 'However, the best part is that though she is a fresh face for Hindi audiences, she has worked with Kamal Hassan and other big stars down South. She knows how to make her presence felt amidst big stars and not to get conscious, upset or scared. It's that kind of confidence that puts her at par with the actors.'

'She comes with that definite advantage. Since she has already dealt with one huge star like Aamir, her confidence shows. She is not scared of stars and comes across as so fresh on screen. This is so good for any director', he concludes.