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Minissha rues her loss in WELL DONE ABBA

April 3, 2010 01:43:53 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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download WELL DONE ABBA wallpapers

Minissha Lamba may have seen good appreciation coming her way for WELL DONE ABBA and also carried a nice pay check back home. However, it's the loss of Rs. 500 that she regrets most while working on the film. Reason being that this amount had a certain prestige attached to it and for Minissha, it was an opportunity of the life time to be bestowed with this honour.

So what transpired actually?

"Well, Shyam (Benegal) Sir has a standing rule in every film of his that whoever contributes with the title is given Rs. 500", sighs Minissha who was one of the many volunteers who took up the challenge, "This amount has remained just the same for 35 years but most importantly, it is notable for the prestige that it carries with it. It is unmatchable though today, all I can imagine is the kind of high that you can get once Shyam Sir hands you over that amount. I am sure it would be much higher than all the money that you get as remuneration for your job as an actor."


Earlier titled ABBA KA KUAN, the film went through a title change. Quite a few came up with alternate titles, including Minissha, but the ultimate winner was the writer of the film, Ashok Mishra. He is the same man who also wrote Benegal's last film WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR as also Jagmohan Mundhra's critically acclaimed BAWANDAR.

"Everyone came up with his or suggestion. I also had a couple of ideas for the title. We all got into a nice little healthy competition because more than the amount, it was the winning of the prize money which was important. However, Mishra ji came up with the best of all. Today, when I look back, there is no debate around any other title. WELL DONE ABBA rightly emphasizes the film's real character", says Minissha fondly.