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PHOONK 2 director: As a child, I used to get scared

April 7, 2010 03:03:19 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Milind Gadagkar, debutant director of PHOONK 2, has no qualms in admitting that as a child, he used to get jitters every time he watched a horror film. Such would be the aftermath of a horror show that for number of nights, he would be wondering if there was a shadow lurking down the corner. Though today he doesn't believe in ghosts, as a child it was tough for him to deny their presence and was constantly afraid of them.

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"Really, I hated sleeping alone in a room after watching a horror film", Milind laughs, "In fact I used to peep under my bed to check if there was something underneath. Then I used to have this overactive imagination running where I felt that there was someone watching me through the window. I used to be so terrified that I immediately used to rush to my parents' bedroom and sleep with them."

It is a similar mood that he has captured in PHOONK 2 as well where the child, who plays the central protagonist in the film, is terrified due to presence of a ghost.

"I remembered my childhood while watching the film", says Milind, "This is why you would see the reflection of some real life incidents in the film's narrative. What I have tried to tell is that how fear plays with your mind. See, all said and done, it is all about how your mind reacts to certain situations and in the process leads to an imagination build up. You get scared not just because of what is in front of you but also what is their in your mind. Experience of being alone is something that just cannot be equated to anything else and it is this very experience that I want people to relate to once they watch PHOONK 2".