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Super thief PRINCE threatened by thieves

April 9, 2010 03:00:22 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view PRINCE movie stills

view PRINCE movie stills

PRINCE is about a super thief who can steal just about everything. Well, now this was on screen. However, even off the screen there was quite some drama brewing, and that too of a completely opposite nature, as the cast and the crew of the film had to safeguard itself from their valuables being stolen. Though they could afford to get into some heroic stunts for the camera and beat the pulp out of the baddies, once the camera stopped rolling they had to ensure that they never travelled unescorted.

This situation was faced by the makers of PRINCE in Durban which is notorious for its crime rate. Since it is not safe for foreigners to travel without any aide, there were quite a few bodyguards that were assigned to protect each and every member of the film's unit. The film has some stylish characters, who wear a lot of accessories and though most of it was fake, the security agency which was on the job for the safety of PRINCE never wanted to take chances.

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Remembers Rajesh Khattar, a prominent member of the film's cast which is spearheaded by Vivek Oberoi, "While we were shooting at the central district in Durban, our vans were parked a little away from location. So whenever in break or otherwise I used to go back to my van, there would be 6 -7 bodyguards who would surround me and escort me all the way. Initially I was quite impressed but after a while it became irritating. So I politely requested them to let me all by myself. This is when they informed me that they were just doing their duty because I was wearing lot of jewellery and since Durban is not a very safe they, didnít want to take any chances."

On his part Khattar did argue that since the jewellery was fake, he wasn't bothered much. However, he didn't have any answers when the security folks replied that he knew about this but then the chain snatchers didn't. So there were all the chances that he would be robbed.

"Really, I was stumped and didn't have any answer to that", he smiles, "Naturally, I along with everyone else in the cast, had to abide to the rules and directions set by the team there and didn't complain again."