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Vivek: Tomorrow, you may term PRINCE as a 150 crores film

April 12, 2010 02:59:03 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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download PRINCE wallpapers

download PRINCE wallpapers

PRINCE has taken a good opening at the box office and while calculations are already on to converge on the eventful fate of the film, speculations are huge around good amount of money being spent on the making of the film. Figures like 35-40 crores are already being thrown in the trade circles. Does Vivek wish to set records straight?

Reacts Vivek after a brief pause, "See, people throw such kind of numbers all the time to spread rumours. Yes, I won't deny the fact that the film is indeed expensive. However, it's not in the vicinity of the numbers that you mention. I don't like to talk about the money spent in my films and my producer (Kumar Taurani) also doesn't believe in doing that."

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"In any case, he is a wise man and would never waste money", continues Vivek, "Of course with the kind of effort that has been put in and the technological advancement that we have seen, the final amount equates to some sensible money being invested. Having said that, you should not believe in such mad figures that come your way. These numbers keep on increasing. Who knows, tomorrow you may term PRINCE as a 150 crore affair?"

Having said that, even though PRINCE may not be 150 crores, there is indeed a 200 crore extravaganza that Vivek is soon going to be a part of.

"Yes, this is one great phase for me professionally. Soon after PRINCE, I embark upon KINGDOM OF DREAMS, India's first Broadway style live musical. It is indeed a 200 crore mega project. That should be quite exciting", smiles Vivek as he looks forward to a promising innings ahead.