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Will PRINCE Vivek capitalize on a good start?

April 13, 2010 12:27:18 PM IST
Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network
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download PRINCE wallpapers

download PRINCE wallpapers

Very much as we had predicted in our latest box-office column, Vivek Oberoiís PRINCE has taken a reasonably good start, with single screens faring very well (60-70 percent), as compared to multiplexes, which are lower. And this comes as no surprise to us unlike it is to those who had not only written off the hero but also the film.

The film was already hot in the distribution circle and all credit to Ramesh Taurani, who has a knack of making his films a hot property, through some excellent promotions, banking upon chartbusting music and slick action promos.

In fact, the promotion of PRINCE reminds us of Tips' last successful venture, RACE, which had embarked upon an excellent start, thanks to some superb promotion.

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However, the start that PRINCE has taken is all the more credit worthy as it is a solo starrer, unlike RACE, which was a multistarrer. Without trying to sound too harsh, we donít even remember when it was the last time that a solo Vivek Oberoi starrer had taken such a start!

Moreover the music of RACE was much more popular than PRINCE. And last and not the least, PRINCE had to overcome the biggest challenge that Bollywood is facing nowadays, the IPL fever, which has proved to be too strong an opposition for quite a few good films. In fact, thanks to IPL, most films are not managing to cross even 10 crore during their entire run while PRINCE has touched 11 crore during the first weekend itself!

Well, it seems that lady luck is finally smiling on Vivek, and with a few good films on hand, we are sure this PRINCE is here to stay. But for that we have to wait and watch.