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Shahid has only 50 minutes role in PAATHSHAALA

April 14, 2010 04:09:38 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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download PAATHSHAALA wallpapers

download PAATHSHAALA wallpapers

Shahid Kapoor is having an eventful 2010 for sure. After kick starting the New Year with CHANCE PE DANCE, Shahid would soon be seen as a male lead again in BADMAASH COMPANY this May. In the middle of this all, he would also be seen in PAATHSHAALA where his role description has fluctuated from being a special appearance to a guest appearance to a cameo to an extended guest appearance to being the male lead to something which is very important.


"Well, I am there for in the film for about 50 minutes", smiles Shahid, "In a two hour film, I guess this is a reasonably presence for any actor, isn't it? Also, it isn't like I make an entry around the interval point or disappear after being on the scene in the first half. I am there throughout the film so that should help set the records straight. I don't see the promotion of the film giving any wrong ideas to audience about the subject in particular or my presence in it."

Traditionally, actors have been seen helping out their industry friends when they are in need. When Shahid said 'yes' to this Ahmed Khan production, was it the friendship factor which was on the forefront here?

"I will be very honest here", says Shahid, "The first reason for me to do the film was Ahmed. Once I found out that he was making a film, I was very happy and wanted to be a part of it. He is a friend and something like this where you can be associated with a friend in any capacity is one in a lifetime opportunity. Later when he narrated the subject and my role, I was even more convinced about doing the film."