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PHOONK 2 winner to be announced today

April 15, 2010 03:51:46 PM IST
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Time has come to witness Ram Gopal Varma's deadly scare contest for PHONNK 2 (which challenges one to watch the spine-chilling film PHOONK 2 all alone)

With the names of 5 final contestants for the Scare Contest announced, the winner for the same would be decided in front of LIVE media in an event, which takes place today in Mumbai at 7.30 PM IST at FAME Cinemas. Only one contestant will be shortlisted to attempt the contest.

The contestant who has been short listed will be fitted with an ECG machine while he is watching PHOONK 2 all alone in the theatre. A monitor will read his Heartbeat/Pulse rate & Blood Pressure and will be shown LIVE on a screen outside the theatre to both the Media and all concerned. So if the challenger claims that he had no fear while watching PHOONK 2 the monitor will tell whether he is lying or not and on the other hand if he can control his fear and thereby his heartbeat/BP and not let it cross his normal heartbeat/BP then he will get to win the cash prize of FIVE LAKHS

The Contest will be administrated live by Cardiologist Dr. Hasmukh Ravat (Wockhardt Heart Hospitals) & Ram Gopal Varma

The name and city of the contestants is given below.

1. Rahul Jha - New Delhi
2. Chandu Gopalakrishnan - Bangalore
3. Chandresh Shah - Thane
4. Hitesh Sharma - Mumbai
5. Hassan Khan - Hyderabad