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Tanushree Dutta: I don't sleep walk in my films

April 19, 2010 01:53:45 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Tanushree Dutta believes in working hard and striving for the best in each of her outings. Though she has encountered people in the industry who have presumably sleep walked through their role due to their existing star status, Tanushree has a different philosophy altogether when it comes to her work.

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"There are a lot of actors who sleep walk through their roles after they acquire a certain star status. They just concentrate on ensuring good presentation via means of hair and make up and forget all about performance. However, I can't follow their path. Regardless of the standing that I may have in the industry, I believe in putting a lot of effort in bringing to fore the real essence of my role", says Tanushree Dutta who saw some good critical acclaim coming her way in last month's release ROKKK where she played the role of a possessed woman.

From being someone who was possessed, she now plays the role of a victim in APARTMENT where she is tormented by the schizophrenic character played by Neetu Chandra.

"APARTMENT' meant a new genre for me and I applied a definite thought process in my role to make it stand out", informs Tanushree, "Since I have never played a character like this before, I gave a lot of myself to this film. I did my homework well because for me, each film counts. Every character that I play has to be done with complete conviction so that a certain authenticity is projected well on screen. I can't and I won't ever sleep walk through a film of mine."

Also starring Rohit Roy and Anupam Kher, APARTMENT releases all over this Friday.


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