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Sajid on avoiding HOUSEFULL vs KITES clash

April 22, 2010 03:12:44 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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One of the veteran film makers in Bollywood today with close to 25 years spent in the industry, Sajid Nadiadwala understands what works best for a film when it comes to economics and the right release timing. He did ambitious (for all the right reasons) a few years back when he released his production JAAN-E-MANN (Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Preity Zinta) along with Shah Rukh Khan's DON - THE CHASE BEGINS AGAIN). As years have passed by, does he feel that it was this very clash that did his own film in?



"Yes, that was a mistake which I made for the first time in my career and I am sure it would be my last ever. I still believe that JAAN-E-MANN would have worked had it released independently. It has been one of my most respectable releases. I released my film with the right earnest but it was made out to be such a big issue", remembers Sajid.

"People feel that it was an ego issue when I decided to take DON head on. The fact is that it wasn't that at all. I had thought that in the past too there have been instances of two big films running along", he adds, "There have been examples of DIL and GHAYAL and after that GADAR and LAGAAN. This is why I truly believed that neither JAAN-E-MANN nor DON was threatened."

Was this the reason why HOUSEFULL too had an initial flip-flop before the announcement of KITES made him rethink about your film's release?

"That's right", admits Sajid, "I am pretty sure about not clashing with any film. Being in the industry for so many decades now, I know 90% of the senior makers. I have a good relationship with Rakeshji (Roshan) and when KITES came calling; I didn't mind changing plans for HOUSEFULL release. No, I don't have any personal egos."


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