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Jag Mundhra: CHASE is no more my film

April 24, 2010 06:04:30 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Jagmohan Mundhra directed APARTMENT has just released but there is another plot which is pretty much thickening in the film maker's professional life. There are reports of his fall-out with CHASE producer-actor Anuuj Saxena. So much so that a few days back, he asked Saxena to remove his name from the credits as a director.



"Yes, we did have our creative differences which reached the editing room as well", says Mundhra after a brief pause, "There were certain cuts required in the film and I gave a logical explanation to Anuuj on why that was required. He still incorporated some scenes which was not his job. His job was only to give me feedback and as it was clearly written in my contract, it was me who was accountable for the final edit. He still did his own thing in my absence."

The immediate next step for Mundhra was to disassociate himself from the film.

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"I plain and simple asked him to remove my name from the credits", informs Mundhra, "However, even that doesn't seem to be acceptable to him. Ultimately he thinks that there is a brand value attached to my name so he may well keep my name on. However, I am definitely not happy about it."

So what's the next course of action from here on? "Well, kya karenge", he shrugs, "This is his money so let him do whatever he wants to do with his film. We couldn't reach any creative consensus and that's the unfortunate part. The film was earlier supposed to be branded as 'A film by Jagmohan Mundhra'. However, now thankfully it just says 'Directed by Jagmohan Mundhra'. It is no more my film in entirety after all. I can just wish good luck to Anuuj and the film."


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