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Shazahn Padamsee's fitness funda

April 24, 2010 05:34:43 PM IST
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Shazahn Padamsee sure makes the clothes she wears look ultra chic. And with that kind of body the girl sure is the envy of plenty eyes!

Though Shazahn isn't too candid about her fitness regime we come to hear that Shazahn has taken to yoga in a big way.

Reveals a source, "Shazahn's routine includes a lot of Surya Namaskars and Ashtanga Yoga along with hot yoga. She is working on her endurance, energy and stamina levels"

Adds Shazahn, "I never skip out on my yoga sessions and it's more to do with fitness and being healthy as opposed to having a great body. Fruits and yoghurt are a big part of my diet. And I end every session with a few minutes of uninterrupted meditation"

So why isn't Shazahn following the gym bandwagon? Answers Shazahn "To me the mind is equally important as the body"


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