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How Sajid got over HEYY BABYY blunder

April 26, 2010 04:36:20 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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When HEYY BABYY released in 2007, the film turned out to be a huge hit. Yes, there were a few who didn't like the film but then there were also millions out there who loved the film and turned in into a huge money spinner at the box office. However, something which saw unanimous response from one and all, whether who liked or disliked the film, was the set of costumes that were selected for the leading lady of the film - Vidya Balan. The flak which came in was unprecedented and naturally, director Sajid Khan was much more careful in case of HOUSEFULL. Expectedly so because this time around, he had three leading ladies to his disposal.



"I know that in case of HEYY BABYY, there was quite some flak which we received due to Vidya Balan's costumes. I know that as a captain of the ship, I must have taken charge and ensured that everything was in place", admits Sajid Khan who is known for involving himself in every department of film making.

He isn't willing to play the blame game though. "This is why; it was neither Vidya nor Manish Malhotra's fault that her costumes didn't meet audience expectations. No wonder, I worked extra hard for HOUSEFULL. There were dress trials and photo shoots before the actual shooting", reveals Sajid.

Elaborating the look of each of his three leading ladies, Sajid says, "While Jiah is carrying an Indian look, Lara has a chic look with designer labels and Deepika has a modern athletic look. Akki Narula has done well in putting together these costumes. This time around, everyone is quite confident of how audience will respond to clothing of audience."


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