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Shazahn Padamsee has no need for speed

April 27, 2010 04:39:41 PM IST
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download SHAZAHN PADAMSEE wallpapers

If there's one thing that really scares the lovely Shazahn Padamsee its fast bikes and cars and recently while shooting for her forthcoming Telugu film she was made to face her worse fear - Motorbikes.

A particular scene in ORANGE required the lovely Shazahn Padamsee to sit still on a speeding bike much to her dismay.

Reveals a production source, "The sequence was shot on the JJ flyover and Shazahn had to sit on a bike moving at a crazy speed while the director was in a car ahead shooting the scene"

"The fear was a little evident while she got on the bike but being the professional that she is she managed to put on a brave face and deliver a good performance," adds the source.

We come to hear that Shazahn was so paranoid while sitting on the bike that funnily enough she actually thought she wouldn't survive to tell the tale!


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