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When Samir nearly broke his back for CHASE

April 28, 2010 01:52:22 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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He has a 100% success rate as far as prestigious outings are concerned. Films like ZEHER and JANNAT, both coming from the house of Bhatts, have resulted in good recognition for Samir Kochhar who played a baddie and a cop respectively in the two films. There was some faux pas at the beginning of his career with films like BOLD and EK SE MERA KYA HOGA coming and going without being (thankfully) noticed. However, now as he plays an important protagonist in CHASE, Samir is all excited about the new phase in his career.



Talking about some of the dare devilry that he has indulged in CHASE, courtesy some back breaking stunt sequences, Samir laughs at the days gone by. "I love doing action and it was fantastic to do all the stunts in this film. Whether it was jumping from one building onto a truck, firing gun shots by the second, running through obstacles on rocky terrain or high speed car chases, this movie has been a stunt fest for me. In fact there was this one shot where I had to take a fall on a wooden bench and roll off from the height of seven feet to some matting. Well, I did take the leap but fell on my tail bone. I nearly broke my back as I rolled over the edge. Now that was something."

Since CHASE has Anuuj Saxena as a producer who is also in the lead role, how does an 'outsider' like Samir Kochhar fit in?

"Yes, I was a little skeptical at first after knowing that Anuuj was going to produce the film. But once I read the script, I got excited to do an out an out action film. Plus Jag Mundhra was directing the film and he has ensured that my role is very clearly defined and designed to be an integral part of the story", says Samir whose character is named Siddharth in the film, "I play an undercover assassin who is in nexus with the cops to cover up all loopholes that could expose a high profile crime which involves a lot of government officials wrong doings. The whole film is centered on a cat and mouse chase between me and Anuuj."


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