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Imtiaz Ali 'kidnapped'

August 5, 2010 04:13:15 PM IST
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Though lead actor, Raj Singh Chaudhary, gets abducted in the film, renowned director IMTIAZ ALI, considered as one of the best in Bollywood, (JAB WE MET, LOVE AAJ KAL) did a 'role-play' of the kidnapped groom, at an innovative promotional event, to highlight the issue and support good quality cinema, especially, ANTARDWAND, which is quite close to his heart.

Imtiaz Ali was 'kidnapped' tied up to a chair in groom's attire to promote the film. Imtiaz Ali spoke about how he comes from that region, and he knew certain people who faced this situation.



Director Imtiaz Ali had earlier seen the film at a special screening and instantly fell in love with Antardwand. Though considered media shy, Imtiaz Ali took it upon as a missionary zeal to promote the film, and urged the media to spread the buzz and support good cinema like ANTARDWAND.

He said, "Sadly, the cost of reaching out to the audience has become too expensive. It is important that the film is seen by maximum number of people. He wanted to play that small part to reach out to people, since the budgets for this kind of passionate cinema is quite low, and he felt it was his responsibility to make people aware of this social evil, which is linked to another evil Dowry."

He also said that he is not a fan of 'arty' cinema, and ANTARDWAND does not fall in that category, but is a thrilling mainstream entertaining film, that has been rewarded the highest National Award that highlights social issues.

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Imtiaz reveals, "It is like a trade going. If the boy is an engineer, IAS officer, doctors etc the dowry is bigger and the boy is being 'sold' to the highest bidder in the dowry market. And so the bride family, who can't afford it, 'kidnaps' the potential groom, which is scary, but socially accepted.

When asked whether he would have accepted the girl, if he was 'kidnapped', Imtiaz said that he would accept the girl, considering that since he came from that region, he could have faced this situation as others like his friends.

He added, "I would have done the film in a similar way in which Rajpal Sir has made it, since everyone has played his part to perfection."

ANTARDWAND directed by Sushil Rajpal , stars Raj Singh Chaudhary (GULAAL), Vinay Pathak, Swati Sen (FTII graduate, best actress winner), Akhilendra Mishra etc.