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Swati Sen, the next Smita Patil or Tabu?

August 14, 2010 11:38:55 AM IST
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Swati Sen has just about entered the Indian film industry and has already won the Best Actress Award for her film, Sushil Rajpal's ANTARDWAND, which has won the National award.

Looking at her brilliant performance, Anurag Kashyap & Imtiaz Ali has gone to the extent of calling her amongst the finest 'Actress' around. She is already being compared to powerhouse of performance like Smita Patil, Chitrangada and Tabu.

view ANTARDWAND stills

view ANTARDWAND stills

Whilst Anurag Kashyap in his blog has written "a stunning debutant from FTII acting batch called SWATI", Imtiaz Ali has been quoted as saying 'Simply Brillant'

But, there is a strange way in which Swati Sen, the leading lady of Sushil Rajpal's ANTARDWAND, which is about groom abduction got the role. Swati is a graduate student of FTII and once she was washing her face, she turned around and saw a lady.

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Swati then said a polite and spontaneous hi to this lady not knowing who she was.

It was only when she was offered ANTARDWAND that she realised she was Shruti, the casting director for the film. Shruti then asked Swati to meet Sushil Rajpal, who was incidentally visiting FTII for casting for the film. When Swati met him he wanted to check out her work and another coincidence what that Swati was dubbing for a diploma film. She showed the rushes to Rajpal and the rest is history.

Has bollywood discovered another 'gem' from the hallowed portal of FTII?