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After PEEPLI LIVE, ANTARDWAND highlights rural issues

August 17, 2010 06:35:45 PM IST
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ANTARDWAND, a National Award winning film based on Groom Kidnapping, is inspired from a true story of the director Sushil Rajpal's closest friend, who still suffers from the psychological scare of being kidnapped and forcibly married to someone, he didn't intent to. Though he later escaped and presently lives in an urban city, the case is still in court, because he is still legally married.

Director Sushil Rajpal could empathize with his friend, but yet he also understood the psychological trauma, the bride must have been facing, since she too was married and yet not 'married' and 'deserted' to her fate.

view ANTARDWAND stills

view ANTARDWAND stills

Director Sushil Rajpal felt it was his moral duty and sacrificed his entire savings to bring this issue of 'Groom Kidnapping' to urban India, which had closed its eyes to rural India and the twin social evil of 'Groom Kidnapping' and related issue of 'Dowry'.

It is surprising still, because Groom Kidnapping has got a social sanction amongst the upper caste, in the northern states, especially Bihar, where potential bridegrooms who have done their IAS, Engineering etc. are targets, because the bride family can't afford the high dowry rates. It's a society where human beings are 'traded' as animals, with social sanction, wherein its 'acceptable.' It could have happened to anyone of us, if we stayed in those parts of India.

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And so, as PEEPLI LIVE has brought the focus of Urban India to the issues faced in rural India, in an entertaining way, ANTARDWAND, too brings to light the social evil that plagues Rural India, in the mainstream media debate.

Says director Sushil Rajpal, "This is just one side of the larger story- what propelled the director in me was the other and more moving part of the story. Such forced marriages wreak huge emotional damage on both the girl and the boy. More for the voiceless girl who is deeply entrenched in a male dominated feudalistic society where she has nothing else to fall back on. Whether deserted or divorced -the life of a hapless girl in such a claustrophobic society becomes a hellish and endless journey. She bears the stigma of 'being married but not married'.

ANTARDWAND is slated to release next week on August 27th.