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Imran: Selling films at high price is a burden

August 18, 2010 04:17:40 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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I HATE LUV STORYS came, quickly turned into one of the very few hits of 2010 and made an exit after making some good moolah at the box office. For Imran Khan, it was his second solo success in a row after JAANE TU YA JAANE NAA since both his multi starrers - KIDNAP and LUCK - had failed commercially. While Imran still regrets the fact that none of his two action films were successful, he admits that he could see it coming from a long distance.

"In the aftermath of JAANE TU YA JAANE NAA, the price for my newer films was jacked up in a big way," reflects Imran who now knows a thing or two about how Bollywood business works, "KIDNAP as well as LUCK were sold at extremely high prices which was a clear flaw in our distribution system."

view IMRAN KHAN picture gallery

view IMRAN KHAN picture gallery

Though both KIDNAP as well as LUCK opened well, none of the two films (where Imran had Sanjay Dutt as his co-star) could sustain at the box office. Also, with the news spreading fast about the two being high cost affair, there was further doom in store for these films.

"Had KIDNAP been sold at a price at which it was made, it would have been a hit. However, with such high price tag attached to it, it could not have possibly recovered the money. Same holds good for LUCK as well," Imran rues his own luck here, "I think this system of selling films at a high price is a burden. It is the price that fails, not the film."

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"This is being corrected now with everyone getting a chance of making money," says Imran in obvious reference to I HATE LUV STORYS which was sold by producer Karan Johar at reasonable price that enabled everyone on the ladder to bring home some moolah.

Though it is good to see Imran smiling now, one can well expect that Imran wouldn't have been too pleased about the overall outcome of his action films. One wonders whether he could see their fate written even while working on these films.

"Yes, you always have a sense," he says after a pause, "But then you are an actor, not a director. You are just a small part of the team and things are not entirely in your control. You don't write the dialogues or sit during editing. You can just do your best as an actor because anything else will qualify as interference."


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