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Kajol and Ajay have differences

December 16, 2010 04:35:12 PM IST
Pankaj Sabnani, Glamsham Editorial
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They were last seen together on screen almost three years back in Ajay Devgn's directorial debut, U, ME AUR HUM. Now, real life jodi, Ajay and Kajol is all set to recreate their magic in the animation flick, TOONPUR KA SUPERRHERO. Directed by Kireet Khurana, it is India's first live action - 3D animation combination feature film.

Although they have done many films together, Kajol and Ajay are not on the same page when it comes to choosing films. Says Kajol, "We rarely agree on a script. So it has to be few movies every few years." She goes on to say, "We actually don't agree on most scripts. What he thinks of being very workable, I think them to be very boring. So it's very rare that we both agree to do a film."

So has the equation between Kajol and Ajay changed through the years? "The process is pretty much the same. As the years go by, you just get more comfortable. You get used to the way the other person works. It becomes more of a team spirit more than anything else," asserts Kajol.



Quiz them about what made them do TOONPUR KA SUPERRHERO and Ajay says, "TOONPUR KA SUPERRHERO was a fabulous script. I would put it as a comedy film which makes you laugh throughout. In our country, till date animation films have been made which target the children. I've seen some with my daughter. Their humour only makes some children laugh. It doesn't excite adults. They think that children are stupid," he says bluntly. Continuing in the same vein, he says, "And the movies have failed. But we like the Hollywood animation films that we see with our kids because they have the right balance. Why are we trying to make films with humour which only some kids will like and other kids have grown out of it or we have grown out of it? So our first intention was to make a comedy film which both kids and adults will understand."

Ask Kajol about an Indian animation film that she really enjoyed and getting nostalgic she excitedly says, "I remember a CHOTA CHETAN coming out which I thoroughly enjoyed going to a theatre with 3D glasses and everything at that time. It was a really good film which did really well at that time. It was like a normal Hindi film that you see these days also."

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Ajay admits that they were initially worried about working in the film. "We were a little skeptical that in India such a live animation film has not been made. So we did a test. I told Kireet that the script was nice but we need some proof of it. We saw some portions of it and were taken aback. It was like any Hollywood film. When you see the film, you will be proud that such film is made in India," says Ajay.

According to Ajay, there is a lot riding on this animation flick. "There was an article saying that if TOONPUR KA SUPERRHERO works, there can be one lakh jobs in our country. So it will be a boost to the animation world. And if it doesn't work, more than five thousand people will lose jobs. So we are under a lot of pressure."

Acting in an animation film wasn't a piece of cake for Ajay. "It was very tough. We had to stand in a green room and talk to people who are not there. And comedy is all about timing. Apart from that there is a lot of action in the film, where I had to fight people who were not around me. I had to pick and throw people. So my body language had to be perfect."

Indian animation films normally fall behind when it comes to the standard of animation but Ajay is pretty upbeat about the animation quality in this film. He says in a confident tone, "WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT's production department was here. I think they know Kireet. They saw our work and were completely fascinated. They couldn't believe such a film could be made in India. They also said our actors deserved Oscars for the performances."

Well, we hope the audience shares the same sentiments when TOONPUR KA SUPERRHERO hits the silver screen on 24th December.


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