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It all changed one morning for TEES MAAR KHAN

December 22, 2010 12:38:06 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
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view TEES MAAR KHAN videos

view TEES MAAR KHAN videos

While everything has stayed on to be hunky dor between the time Farah and Akshay met for the first time to discuss TEES MAAR KHAN till it's completion, there is also an interesting story behind what brought them together in the first place.

'Trust me but it was a big step for me to be making something without Shah Rukh', remembers Farah, 'Our script was ready and Shirish and I didn't know whom to go for the title role. We were still undecided and there were weeks that went by.'

This is when Farah came with an instinctive decision and ended up contacting Akshay all by herself.

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'I still remember that it was 7'0 clock in the morning and I just messaged Akshay about working together', Farah smiles, 'When Shirish woke up a little late, I said to him that I was sorry about taking this step without discussing with him first. However, I was so convinced that Akshay was the one who could have played TEES MAAR KHAN best. Within an hour, Akshay called back. Shirish and I went to his house and as I just explained a while back, everything just settled all by itself in quick time.'

While it all sounds way too simple, the fact remains that it was a challenging task for Farah and Shirish to pull things together for their first ever production.

'We had to set it up all in three months', remembers Farah, 'I guess as producers we did quite well. We have made the movie in a budget that we had originally locked. Everybody was paid on time. In Malshej, we were all staying together in one place and came back as a happy unit.'

Wish the team sings together 'Happy Ending' after the release of the film as well.


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