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Decomposed corpse found on the sets of CLICK

February 5, 2010 7:12:43 PM IST
By Glamsham Editorial
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view CLICK movie stills

view CLICK movie stills

When director Sangeeth Sivan started shooting for his first movie in horror genre titled CLICK, little did he imagine that he will manage to scare people even before its release.

The incident happened when they were shooting in Mauritius at 'Eureka House'. Situated at Moka, in central Mauritius, 'Eureka', built during the French colonial period, once belonged to a very well known Mauritian family. The main part of the estate has been turned into a museum and they offer guided tours through this magnificent colonial house.

A bunch of three four foreign tourists happened to visit Eureka House when the production team of CLICK was shooting in the building. One tourist passed through one of the rooms on the first floor, when the cast and crew of CLICK had gone for a break. The next moment, a member of the crew standing near the stairs heard a loud scream, which sounded like a woman shouting for help...

The crew member was so scared to even go to that room all alone. He immediately informed all the other members of the production team to rush to the location immediately, as someone might be in danger.

They found a young tourist woman, in her teens, sitting at one corner of the room, completely terrified. The unit members calmed her down by giving her a glass of water and then asked her what happened. She pointed at the bed in absolute shock and terror

There was a completely decomposed corpse lying on the bed. The unit members, immediately informed Sangeeth Sivan that there is a dead body in one of the rooms and they should call police immediately. Sangeeth Sivan started laughing, which was quite an unexpected reaction from him to the situation. The crew members were forced to think what's wrong with him

Sangeeth Sivan finally revealed that it was actually a dummy of a decomposed corpse, which was kept on the bed by him to shoot a scene in the film. But the dummy looked so real that it was hard to believe that it was a fake. At the end of the whole chaos, everyone had a hearty laugh about the incident.

CLICK is filled with such horror scenes that will most certainly scare even the brave.

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