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Karan Johar: We film makers are on an edge

February 8, 2010 12:47:56 PM IST
By Glamsham Editorial
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With the first decade of the New Millennium coming to a close, audience getting far better exposed to international cinema and in the process becoming excessively demanding with no room for anything ordinary, film makers have got the message as well. Those with a modern bent of mind and willing to adapt to the changing scenario have woken up to the new phenomenon. They are set out on a path which is different, newer and far more topical. Rajkumar Hirani just showed that in 3 IDIOTS and Karan Johar is not the one to be left behind in his endeavour to make meaningful cinema which comes with ample entertainment.

'We as a film makers constantly want to do the same thing but what about audiences which has evolved', questions Karan, 'See, we are a vulnerable country and all of us film makers are on an edge. We keep wondering whether we are doing something good. Whether what has been put down on paper will work on screen? And then a film like 3 IDIOTS comes and we end up realizing that how much surprise is in store for us when it comes to the audience base.'

Karan appears to be quite proud of his contemporary's efforts, 'Look at the way this film has connected to every home in the country. Choose passion over academics and creativity over commerce - What a simple thought but told with a base of communication which has worked with entire country. The fact is, every parent has been trained to tell the child something. However, when we hear things on big screen, we take them personally and this is why we film makers have to be far more careful about what we say. In ROCK ON, it was about passion that came trumps. Even WAKE UP SID tried to say something similar, though in a far smaller way.'

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Now even as just a few days remain for the release of MY NAME IS KHAN, it is obvious that Karan Johar has adopted a different route for himself with the film. Touching upon a topical affair is always a tricky situation and for someone like Karan who is known to be filling his frames with colours, the film is clearly taking him out of his comfort zone.

'All this while it was about my own world and sphere with which I was comfortable with but here I was looking at telling a story that has a far more global phenomenon. It was basically a film that was needed to be addressed. I had certain feelings and wanted them to be translated for screen', explains Karan who admits that the film required him to get out of his safety zone, 'More than just the visual presentation on screen, what was of pertinent importance was the fact that MY NAME IS KHAN required a lot of external research.'

For this research, story and screenplay writer Shibani Bathija came in handy who kept aside an entire year for MY NAME IS KHAN. The lady who has films like KABHI ALVIDA NAA KEHNA and FANAA to her credit, Shibani was a constant companion to Karan. 'I was privileged that Shibani came on board because she went all out with her research. We went on the internet and checked out the actual people facing the Asperger syndrome. There was this certain authenticity that we were striving for and we managed to get it. Meanwhile I was also amazed with the way Shahrukh went about his own research. The way he arks his eyes, gets his neck in place at certain moments - I am sure it must have been quite tough on him. It has been a difficult character to play and has unfortunately taken a toll on him.'

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