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LSD - Send a Black Rose & Cactus this Valentines

February 13, 2010 6:38:05 PM IST
Bollywood Trade News Network
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Download LOVE SEX AUR DHOKHA Wallpapers

Download LOVE SEX AUR DHOKHA Wallpapers

Valentine's Day is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting beautiful flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards with lovely messages.

Normally a lover uses the occasion of Valentine's Day to express his/her feelings of love but what if a person wants to end a relationship. How does he/she approach for it? How do they express that they no more wish to continue their existing relationship or are planning to betray their partners?

Well, here's a piece of good news for such people, there is a gang who is thinking otherwise and planning an Un-Valentine route this Valentine. And we are talking about upcoming film LOVE SEX AUR DHOKHA, which is all set to hit the screens this March.

Cashing upon Valentines Day, the makers of the film LOVE SEX AUR DHOKHA (LSD), have taken the Un-Valentine route with LSD DHOKHA CARDS & Black Rose!

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These wacky free of cost LSD DHOKHA CARDS, symbolizing 'Dhokha/ Betrayal-to end a relationship for good ' will be available in select Coffee Shops, Cinema Halls, Restaurants, Salons, Spas, Tattoo Parlors etc across 7 cities namely Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Chandigarh!

A radio network is also being used to localize and compliment the activity across 7 cities. The radio channel will also run a contest in which lucky winners could send their 'not so dear ones' an Un-valentines gift hamper comprising of a LSD DHOKHA CARD and a CACTUS PLANT !

For Face Book users, a special Virtual LSD DHOKHA CARD application has been developed, where a sender can customize a message and send a Black Rose or LSD Dhokha Card to his friends, celebrating Un-Valentines.

So don't get surprised if you receive a Cactus Plant this Valentines!