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TEEN PATTI has record cameos including Ajay & Jackie

February 24, 2010 5:48:47 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view TEEN PATTI Movie Poster

view TEEN PATTI Movie Poster

Amitabh Bachchan starrer TEEN PATTI could well hold the record for maximum number of cameos in a single film. While Ajay Devgn is the most notable of all, even Jackie Shroff, Mahesh Manjrekar, Ranjeet and Shakti Kapoor would be seen enacting short but important parts in the film.

Confirming the list, Leena describes the relevance of these cameos in TEEN PATTI. "They all come into different situations and different games which are being played in TEEN PATTI. Each of them has an impact on the plot and hasn't been added on just to make the film look bigger. These characters act as a ladder which takes the story of TEEN PATTI to culmination."

Further elaborating on the idea of roping in so many actors for cameos, Leena reveals, "Along with Shiv Kumar Subramaniam, with whom I have written the screenplay of TEEN PATTI, I tried to explore the mindset of gamblers. These actors play gamblers and end up saying something in their game which is observed closely by Amitabh Bachchan who is playing his own mental game. You have to actually watch the film to understand further on how so many characters actually end up fitting together."

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A film which boasts of number of actors in principal roles as well, TEEN PATTI is spearheaded by Amitabh Bachchan while also starring Madhavan who has been enjoying a great run off late with successes like 3 IDIOTS and 13 B behind him.

"I also have a great team of youngsters with me. Actors like Raima Sen, Dhruv Ganesh, Siddharth Kher, Vaibhav Talwar, Saira Mohan and Sharadha Kapoor have all been great inclusions in TEEN PATTI. They all have great importance in the film", concludes Leena.

An Ambika Hinduja production, TEEN PATTI releases all over this Friday i.e. 26th February 2010.