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Neetu Chandra: An actress weight becomes national headline!

February 25, 2010 2:10:03 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view NEETU CHANDRA picture gallery

Neetu Chandra is jumping from one film release to another. From RANN to her Tamil film THEERADHA VILAIYATTU PILLAI and now APARTMENT, the young lady is certainly keeping herself ultra busy. In the midst of all this running around, she is amused though when she comes across front page news of actresses putting on or loosing weight.

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'I completely agree that as an actress, your hair, face and body should be in perfect shape all the time, especially when you are in public. However, we too are normal human beings yaar and can pick and loose weight', she laughs, 'However, the moment we put on little weight, it comes on the front page and becomes a 'national headline'. And then when we loose weight, it is attributed to liposuction. Can you believe that? Thankfully my body structure is just the same as it was two years back. Now tomorrow, if I turn skinny and start looking like Kareena, it could be because I have actually lost all the fat rather than going under the knife.'

Practical to the core, Neetu says that for an actress like her, it is the demand of the industry to be visible through appearances; photo shoots etc. than attributing it to professional compromise.

'Girls like me from no Bollywood background have to keep proving themselves'' Talent is a definite must; without that you can't go anywhere. But then you have to be visible as well and for that you have to showcase your versatility as a performer as well as your personality be known to the industry as well as audience', she smiles.


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