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3 IDIOTS and PAA are Bollywood choices of 2009

January 4, 2010 3:57:22 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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2009 has come to a close and the verdict is out. Bollywood is unanimous in declaring 3 IDIOTS as the movie of the year followed by PAA. While AVATAR is the closest contender from Hollywood and KAMINEY too follows close, it's the antics of Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir Khan, the biggest 'idiots' of all, which have won hearts all over the country. Naturally, the feeling is that of ecstasy and euphoria as industry comes together to hail 3 IDIOTS.

"3 IDIOTS was the best film of 2009", declares Kareena Kapoor who is also the (only) leading in the film and shared screen space with Aamir Khan for the first time in her career. Similar are the sentiments shared by Neetu Chandra who is nowhere connected to 3 IDIOTS but still feels that it was the best that 2009 had to offer. "I loved 3 IDIOTS because it is an inspiring film. It's not just an Aamir show all the way. Whether it is Maddy (Madhavan), Sharman or Boman - everyone has done so well in it. It is an amazing film with some fantastic music."

On the other hand Imtiaz Ali, whose own LOVE AAJ KAL did find good appreciation amongst the youth, is rooting for AVATAR. He loved 3 IDIOTS but when it came to cinematic experience, he believes that AVATAR was the best movie of 2009.

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There are other film makers as well who believe that movies other than 3 IDIOTS have also made a mark in 2009. One such film maker is Sanjay Gadhvi, director of DHOOM series, for whom PAA was the movie of the year. "It's the best film of the year because I am a huge fan of Mr. Bachchan. It was very gutsy of him to act and produce a film like this. This was a brilliant performance from not just him but also Abhishek Bachchan and Vidya Balan", he says.

Sophie Choudry, who is happy being an actress, singer and performer, doesn't wish to pick only one film. She agrees that 3 IDIOTS is her favourite in 2009 but she also loved a couple of completely diverse films that boasted of an offbeat theme and an unconventional narrative. "I loved both PAA as well as KAMINEY", says Sophie, "Of course 3 IDIOTS deserves all the appreciation since Raju Hirani is an absolute genius and the entire cast was superb in the film."

If 3 IDIOTS, PAA, AVATAR and KAMINEY found some honourable mention, as repeated by writer Mushtaq Sheikh who found each of these films as 'complete paisa vasool', there were also a few other choices with WANTED also coming trumps. Co-director of JASHNN, Raksha Mistry, loved the film and this is the reason that she stated, "I liked the presence of a retro man in a lead role after an overdose of metro sexual men. Yes, 3 IDIOTS leads from the front but the significance of WANTED can't be ignored."

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A statement that finds (obvious) nod of agreement from the film's producer Boney Kapoor, "I have heard great things about 3 IDIOTS but I haven't seen it yet. However, WANTED is my favourite because it came at the time when everybody was making films for multiplexes and overseas. Somehow we had forgotten heartland cinema. Success of WANTED is a good case study for cinema business in today's times. Yes, it's a fact that multiplexes bring in substantial revenue but one cannot ignore single screen business as well."

On the other hand Rituparna Sengupta confesses that she was floored on seeing AVATAR. "It was just an awesome film", she gushes, "I haven't seen PAA and 3 IDIOTS though which are supposed to be two of the best films this year." Amongst English films, there were some takers for 2012 as well. Says Sonu Sood, "It was the best film of the year. I felt it was very entertaining and technically a very well made film."

Minissha Lamba too came with a unique choice as she went gaga over DEV D. "I loved 3 IDIOTS but then I also loved DEV D. It was a fabulous movie", she smiles. However, Tusshar Kapoor didn't have any alternate choice to state. "Is that really a question that which movie is the best of 2009? Come on, obviously, there is going to be just one answer - 3 IDIOTS."


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