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PHOONK 2 completed in record time

January 13, 2010 2:16:15 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view PHOONK 2 movie stills

view PHOONK 2 movie stills

Trust certain newcomer film makers with fire in their belly to meticulously plan their films and get them ready for release. PHOONK 2 is one such film which is now ready for release after its entire principal shooting got wrapped up in record time.

"We started in the month of October and finished the entire principal shooting in 37 days fact", says debutant director Milind Gadagkar in a proud tone, "We took just a small break in between to accommodate a particular bungalow that I wanted but apart from that it was all non-stop. I was pretty clear about what I wanted and I had made a particular schedule. This is the reason why I could finish the film so fast."

Incidentally Milind was the writer of PHOONK and he himself wasn't quite pleased with the way Ram Gopal Varma had brought his idea on screen. Milind had a different vision about the horror thriller tale that he wanted to tell and pronto came up with a sequel to the film. Ever ready to encourage newcomer film makers to test their vision, Ramu offered Milind to hold the baton all by himself and direct PHOONK 2.

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Now after watching PHOONK 2, Ram Gopal Varma believes that the film is not just scarier than the first in the series but has also surpassed his own 'horror' effort - BHOOT. Describing the film as chilling, Ramu has proudly hailed PHOONK 2 as the scariest film that Bollywood has ever made.

"Well, that's quite some declaration made by Ramu and I take it as a compliment", states Milind, "But yes, I am not holding back on my statement that I wish to scare audiences in a big way with PHOONK 2. May be I could have waited for audiences to explore this on their own but it's better to prepare them and state facts in advance. PHOONK 2 is indeed scary so why not declare so?"

The first theatrical promo of PHOONK 2 would be unveiled with VEER on 22nd January. This would be followed by an attachment along with the prints of RANN and MY NAME IS KHAN on 29th January and 12th February respectively.