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Ramu: I like hard hitting aspects of story telling

January 15, 2010 3:12:29 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Horror (PHOONK, BHOOT), underworld (SATYA, COMPANY), terror (CONTRACT) or the unknown (AGYAAT) - Ram Gopal Varma's films may be doing unpredictable business at the box office. However, he still seems to be pressing a different button every time. One wonders if it was the topicality factor that what really prompted him to begin working on a subject like RANN that deals with media.

"It's not that I thought of the film only a few months back and started working on it. In fact I was trying to explore this subject for last 5-7 years and finally I got that in the form of RANN ", says Ramu, "Yes, to answer your question, I have always been interested in making films that are topical. I like the hard hitting aspect of story telling."

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One can pretty much trust his saying. After all his most memorable films are the one where he went all out in creating a hammer strong impact.

"Earlier it was underworld where I had quite a lot to tell. Today it is media and the reason for that is that during the last decade or so, it has become such a big thing. It is like another member in the family who happens to tell is that what we should do and what we shouldn't", explains Ramu, "Media has become like a moral crusader of the world. The more it grew, the more I felt the influence of that. I felt that the impact media is creating in our day to day life would make for an interesting subject matter and this is how RANN came into existence."

With Amitabh Bachchan spearheading the show, RANN releases all over on 29th January 2010.