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Target audience for VEER? 120 Crore Indians

January 16, 2010 4:12:17 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view VEER videos

view VEER videos

For film maker Anil Sharma, the argument around the target audience for his magnum opus VEER is not to differentiate between multiplexes v/s single screens, age of 16 v/s 60 or A v/s B & C centers. Instead he is looking at every Indian to watch the film and that too in theaters rather than DVDs at home. No wonder, the world is not enough (pun intended) for the man who once made crores of people go in frenzy with his GADAR - EK PREM KATHA.

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"If you ask me about my target audience, I would say that it comprises of 100 crores Indians who live in India and 20 crores more who live outside", says Sharma who has set VEER as an 'epic love story' in the 18th century, "Whether it is Kashmir or a village in Punjab, whether it is New York or Toronto; VEER will certainly manage an audience all over. This is why I am not even thinking of whether VEER caters to multiplex or single screen audience. For me, it's all the same."

With his confidence level soaring high as the film nears its 22nd January release, Sharma adds, "All I want is that whoever is interested in watching the film should please watch it on the big screen. It is designed for a theatre viewing with a horde of crowds. You won't get that 'maza' of watching a film like this on a DVD or VCD and it's only the darkness of auditorium that will give you the real pleasure. I am also cognizant of the fact that when people come out of their homes and spend money on watching a film in theaters, it has to be worth it. I can assure that no one would be heard complaining once the show is through and would only come back for a repeat viewing."


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