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Salman & Mithun take 'Dance India Dance' by storm

January 19, 2010 6:57:38 PM IST
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The latest buzz on Zee TV's reality show 'Dance India Dance' is superstar Salman Khan's visit on the sets to promote his film VEER.

A source on the sets said that the 3 mentors - Remo D'souza, Terence Lewis and Geeta Kapur -had left no stone unturned to ensure that their favorite superstar was left completely speechless on watching the spectacular acts they had choreographed to songs from his films!

Known for his trademark mischievous sense of humor, Salman had the audience in splits with his wisecracks throughout!

'It's on purpose that Remo doesn't choreograph such steps for us...because he knows pretty well neither me nor the heroines would ever pull off such dance forms,' said the awestruck actor after the very first performance.

He naughtily told his fans how Grand Master Mithun Da (who plays his father in VEER) once pointed out to a crew member of the film with a balding pate, grey hair and a haggard, wrinkled face, saying 'Salman, that's my batch-mate!'.

He went on to compliment Dada about how well he has maintained himself over the years, managing to look only 27 even today!

Continuing with his antics, Sallu cried hoarse to Mithun and said: 'Dada, the press guys are hell-bent on making me accept that Zarine (the lead of VEER) looks like Katrina... and I'm tired of telling them she is not even close to her.'

'Nobody knows Katrina better than me and I'm telling you guys, Zarine does not look like Katrina...' clarifies Sallu about his lady love Katrina. He did sound like a doting boyfriend although speculations are rife about their break - up.

Sallu...we buy your point...!

Just after his 'Kat' call, as if he wasn't done with spilling the beans on Dada, Salman carried on to tell the audience how Mithun Da, being an excellent cook, used to make food for the entire unit of VEER every night and workout in the kitchen with dumb-bells at the same time!

The Chef with dumb-bells, eh?

Watching the enthralling performances put together by the contestants of Dance India Dance, Salman decided to shake a leg too. So he got up, went on stage and jived to 'Love Me, Love Me, Love Me' alongside thrilled contestants Vandana & Kruti.

Seeing Salman move so well, Master Terence Lewis was keen to see him perform an aerial act with cables like so many of Dance India Dance contestants do.

Salman was hesitant at first but gave in when Terence said, 'Salman, you are very strong. I'm sure you can do it!'

Watching Salman in mid-air, performing as he hung on to cables was a delight!

When some of the acts featured the boys lifting the girls high up in the air, Salman confessed, 'Guys, now this is something I just cannot do! I may lift really heavy weights, bench press more than most men do but I can never lift a woman that high up in the air.'

Humility, thy name is Salman!

If the grapevine is to be believed, Master Remo D'souza has put together a breathtaking act featuring his contestants Bhawna and Shashank as beautiful fishes in love, swimming and gliding in the ocean world.

Terence Lewis had Kunwar Amarjeet and Shakti Mohan bring the romance of Salman's popular 'Aankhon Ki Gustaakiya' alive with a beautiful aerial act. Geeta's salsa act to one of Salman's personal favorite tracks featuring Dharmesh, Binny and Kishore was a hit too.

The superstar is said to have stood up, applauded and saluted the talented young dancers and their mentors after seeing the beautiful performances.


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