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Some unknown facts about the VEER 'Pindaris'!

January 19, 2010 11:42:19 AM IST
Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network
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Anil Sharma's epic musical drama, VEER, starring Salman Khan in the title role of a prince, releases this Friday. The film set in the British Raj, is a period costume drama and has been promoted as a film based on fiction, rather than facts, much in the same way that Anil's Sharma's GADAR-EK PREM KATHA was, and even the film that released alongside GADAR, Aamir Khan's Oscar nominee, LAGAAN.

VEER's love story may be pure fiction but the tribe 'Pindari' isn't. Salman is shown to belong to the tribe called 'Pindari' which came into existence almost 200 years ago, during the end of the Mughal dynastic rule. They were warriors and as shown in the film were skilled in sword fighting, horse riding and were full of courage and valour, quite similar to the Rajputs.

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The 'Pindaris' actually came from different parts of India and settled together as one tribe and helped the Maratha warriors fight epic battles against the Mughals and later on the British. They always fought for the independence of their mother land and preferred to die rather than accept defeat.

So, fed up was the then British General, Lord Hastings with the 'Pindaris' that he declared war against the tribe and fought for almost two long years in order to control these heroic warriors. The British, due to their sophisticated weapons and more manpower prevailed over the 'Pindaris' and in the end a settlement was reached in lieu of which the 'Pindaris' were given land and pension and were made to settle in and around Gorakhpur, presently in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Here's hoping to see a grand cinematic depiction of the 'Pindaris' and their brave deeds on screen when VEER releases later this week.


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