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Country wide pre-release media screening for RANN

January 27, 2010 12:23:03 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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download RANN wallpapers

download RANN wallpapers

Press screenings for about-to-be-released films isn't a new phenomenon. For years, media has been shown Bollywood films in advance so that they can roll out reviews to coincide with the theatrical release. However, majority of these press screenings are metro centric and happen primarily in Mumbai and Delhi. For his film RANN though, Ram Gopal Varma is creating history by organizing special screenings of the film across the country for media a day before the release of the film.

Says Ramu, "Instead of holding just a press screening for a few entertainment related media people in Mumbai, we have decided to arrange special screenings for the entire media fraternity of the country. These shows will be organized in all media centers in respective theatres across the country on the evening of January 28th. We would soon be sending out other details and invites to all concerned."

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Further detailing the idea behind this wide spread screening, Ramu says, "Since RANN is principally about the media's various forms, complexities, pressures and compulsions among several other realities, I wanted to invite all the people of the fraternity to see the film and judge for themselves as to how much of their own truth does RANN reflect."

Confident about the product that he has in hand and happy about the uniqueness that it has to offer, Ramu adds, "For the first time in Indian cinema and to the best of my knowledge probably even world cinema, RANN is a film which has been made focusing entirely on a particular aspect of the Media that has never been focused upon before."

The film sees a global theatrical release on 29th January 2010.