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What's in a name Vidya?

January 27, 2010 6:44:44 PM IST
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view STRIKER movie stills

view STRIKER movie stills

Why is Vidya Malvade fuming at all and sundry? It seems that too many people have been mixing her up with Vidya Balan!

Recently at the STRIKER shoot, Vidya' husband had been sending her flowers every day. This had become a daily ritual and the unit of STRIKER knew that if there was a flower delivery guy around it was most probably for Vidya.


So Vidya was rather upset when this one particular delivery guy refused to give her the bouquet, thinking that the name Vidya Malvade belonged to the face of Vidya Balan! It took a little show of temper from Vidya for the delivery person to realize that Vidya was infact the correct recipient of this bouquet. Since then it's been a joke among the STRIKER crew members and all flower delivery guys are now directed to Vidya's room with the instruction to refer to her as Balan atleast once. It's been repeated so many times now that even Vidya has started joining the laughter!



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