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Why VEER didn't have excessive special effects?

January 27, 2010 12:27:59 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
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download VEER wallpapers

VEER has released and though the film has seen mixed audience reaction ever since its release, it has been unanimously acknowledged by all that it carries the kind of grandeur which is rarely evidenced in Hindi films. The wide canvas feel of VEER has come for much appreciation and director Anil Sharma doesn't deny the fact that making VEER was a painstaking exercise which involved hundreds of crew members, long schedules and ton loads of permissions.

"We haven't spent 100 crores on the making of the film but the look given to it is certainly the kind that you can expect from a 100 crore extravaganza", says Sharma in a proud tone, "We shot for 130-135 days which is reasonable considering the grandeur of the film. As you can see now in the film, we had to also recreate the London of 1900s. There is also a scene in the film where I had to shoot in front of Buckingham Palace. It's not a joke because you have to stop traffic and for that you need to have permission. We waited as long as 6 months to get that permission."

Given the fact that Bollywood too has its own in-house special effects facilities available, wouldn't that have sufficed?

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"We could have done this with special effects but getting that shot perfect would have taken 6-8 months", says Sharma, "When you say 'let's do it on a computer', just remember that you need to give that kind of time to the product as well. Yes, we have the capability because machines used are just the same as America. However, where is the time? An AVATAR is possible in Hollywood only because they spent 8-9 years to make that film. In India, we can't be waiting for that long."

Highlighting his movie to be much more than just an action fare, Sharma says that VEER was always meant to be a relationship driven affair. "Relationship, love and togetherness is what binds VEER together. It is a family story where a father and a song come together, two brothers come together and a man and a woman fall in love with each other. Yes, there is action as well because it is required to support the screenplay which is drafted on the thread of a love story. However, it would be wrong to call VEER as an action movie, just like it was in case of APNE."

Even though GADAR stays on to be his biggest money spinner ever and VEER too boasts of an epic look and feel to it, Anil Sharma denies that working on this Salman Khan starrer was akin to getting into a 'comfort zone'?

"Tell me the definition of comfort zone", counter questions Sharma, "Mere zone ki film har tarah ki ho sakti hai. Are you aware that I started off my career with such beautiful and sensitive films like SHRADHANJALI (1981) and BANDHAN KACHCHEY DHAGON KA (1983)? Yes, there is a certain image of my own that has stuck to me, courtesy big hits like HUKUMAT (1987), ELAAN E JUNG (1989) and TAHALKA (1992) which released over the years. However, I am not looking at milking this image of mine by carrying on with a particular genre. You never know, I may end up doing something entirely different for my next film after VEER."


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